It doesn’t matter the situation. We go to great lengths to serve our customers, ensuring success in our partnerships!

Do you know the importance of a correct level measurement? It ensures better cost management, process control, safety of production and employees.

Do you know the importance of an after sales? The concept of after sales is summarized in the assistance provided to the customer even after the purchase of the product / service. Effective support, fast service and mobilization of the company are classified as good after sales, that is, total attention to solve customer questions and needs.

Total attention and excellence in after sales are part of the culture of our company!

OOGTK, one of the most renowned operators of FPSOs – Floating Production Storage and Offloading) Brazil had an urgent demand involving these two aspects – level measurement inside a ship, requiring fast and agile after sales.

On the first Wednesday of December, we received a call requesting urgent shipment of our assistance on Friday, for a Troubleshooting service – analysis and solution of possible problems in the process.

Alutal went to great lengths to meet the customer’s demand: even with no available time, we mobilized schedules to assist them on the requested date and provided one of our technicians, highly qualified to perform the service in less than 48 hours.

We understand the urgency and supply the need, doing an excellent job on the platform.

This is Alutal’s commitment to its customers!