The Alutal saga is a narrative that intertwines with 30 years of pioneering, innovation and, above all, love. The company’s history is a testament to the transformative power of the bond between father and son, where every challenge became an opportunity for growth and learning.

In 1994, Alutal was born through the visionary vision of Antonio Franciulli. What started as a small temperature sensor factory in Sorocaba, in the interior of São Paulo, quickly turned into a life project. It was not a lonely journey, however. In 1998, his son Guilherme, aged 14, decided to join his father, his mentor and best friend, to contribute to the dream that was being created.

Unfortunately, in 2001, Antonio passed away, leaving behind a legacy of love and determination. But his spirit lived on in Guilherme, who took over the reins of Alutal, guided by the vision and values he learned from his father.

Under the leadership of Guilherme Franciulli, Alutal flourished. In 2006, it took its first steps beyond Brazilian borders, taking its excellence in temperature sensors to several countries. This was just the beginning of an international journey that expanded Alutal’s reach and influence around the world.

Today, Alutal is much more than a temperature sensor factory. It is an industrial powerhouse, offering measurement and control solutions in a variety of areas, this has enabled Alutal to have solutions for all industrial applications, in particular:

  • Chemical
  • Paper And Cellulose
  • Oil
  • Steel
  • Power generation
  • Oil exploration and production

Alutal’s trajectory has been marked by several achievements, which represent its commitment to constant evolution and excellence. Check out the timeline with Alutal’s main highlights and achievements.

30th anniversary celebration

As an expression of this commitment, we present the commemorative edition of our brand. In 2024, it will become the official version of our visual identity, symbolizing not only our history, but also our future.

We thank everyone who was and is part of this successful journey. You are the essence of Alutal, proof that, when love and dedication come together, there are no limits to what we can achieve. Together, we will continue to write our story, chapter by chapter.