Seeking a more harmonious and modern concept, from August 2019 Alutal will be of “new face”. Abandoning the slogan “Industrial Controls” and assuming “Measure & Trust”, we believe in the importance of a globalized brand: Strong and well-spoken in foreign language, but keeping the same design line already well known by our customers.

Investing more and more in marketing actions, Alutal is aware of the importance of the area in strengthening and publicizing the brand. Gradually the company has been taking space in important events in our sector, such as the Brasil Offshore, Rio Oil & Gas, Fenasucro and Fispal Expositions.

In addition to the new slogan, in mid-2019, the company revamped its entire administrative office into a much more contemporary complex. The result was a project that brought not only beauty and modernity, but also greater comfort to our employees and integration between the teams. We believe that environments with fewer barriers and walls allow the flow of information to run faster and the procedures to be less bureaucratic, since everyone is available to each other.

It was also clearly noticeable the improvement in the overall organizational climate. Since the departments were integrated into one complex, the daily interaction between them has increased generating new friendships, companies for lunch or for moments of relaxation.

We are very happy with the new steps we are taking. Each day becoming a more modern company with young and competitive ideas.