IndustrialPOD by Alutal is Alutal’s podcast in portuguese and each episode features a relaxed chat on topics related to instrumentation and industrial automation.

In this first episode, the theme is: The career of an instrumentation technician.

Guilherme Franciulli – CEO and General Director of Alutal welcomes Gerson Martins, recognized as one of the most experienced Advanced Support Technicians in Brazil with over 33 years of experience, for a relaxed chat about the career of an instrumentation technician today.

In this episode of the IndustrialPod podcast, we discuss the career of an instrumentation technician, covering how it works, their experiences and the challenges of the profession.

Watch the episode:

  • How to have a successful trajectory in the instrumentation area;
  • Career with opportunities in various markets, such as oil and gas, chemistry, steel, among others;
  • Tips on the importance of seeking knowledge and constantly updating yourself, as well as having a good relationship and being committed;
  • How English and the internet facilitate access to information and opportunities;
  • The challenges of dealing with everyday dangers, confined environments and the importance of preserving health;

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