IndustrialPOD by Alutal is Alutal’s podcast and each episode features a casual conversation on topics related to instrumentation and industrial automation.

In this second episode, the theme is: Valves, the future of energy generation and fugitive emissions.

Guilherme Franciulli – CEO and General Director of Alutal welcomes Lee Fang, General Director FBV Inc. and the program’s first international guest, and João Vitorino, Country Manager – Brazil at FBV Inc., for a relaxed chat about the valve market, security and the energy sources of the future.

This is the first episode 100% in English, you can watch it with subtitles on Youtube!

This episode of the IndustrialPOD podcast discusses the valve market, the future of power generation and fugitive emissions.

Watch the episode:

  • Trajectory of guests in the world of valves
  • About the different cultures between countries
  • The future of power generation
  • Fugitive Emission
  • Work safety and protection to prevent leaks
  • API and ISO international security standards
  • Improvement of the valve market in the Brazilian market

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