The Alutal Academy is an initiative to share knowledge about instrumentation and industrial automation. Initially called Automation XP, Alutal combined a showroom and a teaching space in one environment. Allowing customers and partners to have contact with Alutal technologies, in addition to other activities, such as online seminars and lives on social media.

Physical space

With 2 physical spaces, one in São Paulo and the other in Rio de Janeiro, Alutal Academy is perfect for welcoming customers and partners. With space for a showroom, the equipment is assembled so that visitors have a broader view of the products offered by Alutal. Allowing face-to-face seminars and courses to be held, encouraging the sharing of knowledge.

Online platform

Dedicated 100% to teaching, the Alutal Academy online platform contains courses and training on instrumentation and industrial automation. On the online platform, students can find several courses by category, including:

  • General Concepts;
  • Level and Flow;
  • Pressure and Gases;
  • Temperature.

The division into categories makes it easier for students to navigate through the Alutal Academy course showcase. The online platform is available 24 hours a day, so the student can access the course or training at any time of the day.

Upon completion of the course, Alutal Academy offers participants a certificate of achievement, providing validation of the learning acquired. The certificate can be included in students’ CVs, highlighting their skills and knowledge in the field of instrumentation and industrial automation.

With this, students not only expand their knowledge, but also strengthen their credibility and skills in the market. This combination of physical and virtual resources offered by Alutal Academy facilitates access to knowledge, but also boosts professional development, empowering professionals to face challenges and opportunities in their careers.

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