When it comes to handling parts in ovens, we immediately think of the ideal temperature. Unregulated equipment can generate an invaluable loss of resources and money, so temperature accuracy is essential.

It is important to emphasize that, by monitoring the temperature of the ovens, it is possible to align both the ideal temperature and the exact time that one wants to achieve.

The use of temperature sensors also minimizes losses and increases the thermal efficiency of the furnace when analyzing the plant’s historical charcoal production.

Another important consequence of this work is the contribution to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases.

Temperature sensors are used to monitor the carbonization process in real time (integrated with the supervisory) and keep the ovens in pre-established curves with a focus on improving performance.

In addition to the sensors for furnaces, Alutal also has the option of a 4-point boom – where 4 measurements are taken simultaneously from the trucks that will take the coal to the Steel Plants.

These sensors prevent the trucks loaded with charcoal from leaving the product at a temperature above 40 DEGREES, thus avoiding possible accidents such as those in the photos below: