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10000 (3000) Probe Series

Model:100XX Metrix* Proximity Probes in the 3000 series are for the installed base of older transducers in the 3000 series, which have “system lengths” in feet not meters and must match the driver “system length”. However, the proximity probes and cables are measured in inches. The proximity probe physical length in inches is doubled and matched to the extension cable for the “system length.”

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The product

All proximity probes/transducers have third party approvals, comply with API 670 specifications, and feature ProxMatch™ component coding and are ATEX approved.

Other Metrix proximity probes/transducers are available and are compatible with installed proximity transducers in the 3300, 7200 and Bently Nevada** 3300 XL series.

Product Aprox. Weight:

  • 0.22 kg (0.5 lb) without armor
  • 0.44 kg (1 lb) with armor

*Registered trademark of Metrix Instrument Co.
**Registered trademark of Bently Nevada®.

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