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5533 Probe Driver

Model: 5533 Metrix* Proximity Probe Drivers are direct replacements for the 3300 Series with added features of a Valox housing and BNC jacks for local data collection or analysis. Metrix* proximity probe drivers are fully compliant with API 670 specifications and third party approvals are standard.

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The product

The baseplate mounting holes are identical (requiring no field backplate drilling), DIN rail mounting is optional. Operating on the eddy current principle, these non-contact sensors sense shaft conditions with excellent resolution and stability. Motions as small as one micron (40 micro – inches) and up to 2.0 mm (80 mils) can be measured.

A complete proximity probe system consists of a probe, extension cable and solid state proximity probe driver assembly. The 5533 Proximity Probe Driver has a convenient BNC signal jack for local analysis.

Product Aprox. Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lb)

*Registered trademark of Metrix Instrument Co.

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