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5534, 5544 Velocity Signal Cond.

Model: 5534, 5544 These Velocity Signal Conditioners accept signals from machine casing mounted velocity sensors and produce a 4-20 mA current source output proportional to the measured variable.

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The product

The detection circuit is responsive to true RMS vibration but the output may be scaled either to peak or RMS units. A green LED indicates sensor and cable integrity. In the event of sensor failure, the LED extinguishes and the output current is driven below 3.6 mA, thereby signaling a malfunction. A BNC connector gives access to the buffered input signal for local analysis. Optional features for either model include filters and galvanic isolation between input, output and power supply.

Product Aprox. Weight: 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)


  • Weatherproof Housing:
    – 7876-001
    – 8172-001
    – 8173-001
  • Explosion proof Housing
    – 7595-001
    – 8156-001
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