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9060 Shaft Calibrator Dial Micrometer

The Metrix Shaft Calibrator is used to determine the actual proximity probe system output in mV/mil or mV/?m of a machine shaft or piston rod. Proximity probe systems are usually calibrated by the manufactures to 200 mV/mil (7.87 mV/?m) using a 4140 Steel as standard.

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The product

The 9060 SCDM (Shaft Calibrator Dial Micrometer) is used for testing 5mm or 8mm probes that have probe bodies less than 75mm (3.0”) long. If the probes are 11mm or larger, or have probe bodies greater than 75mm (3.0”), or you want to keep the reverse mount probe in the probe holder use the Metrix 9060 SCTS (Shaft Calibrator Touch Select) model.

The actual machine shaft or rod response (sensitivity) to a proximity probes system can be quickly calculated by using the shaft calibrator measuring the actual target surface. Knowing the correct calibration allows the monitoring system to be adjusted to read vibration, thrust or rod drop correctly.

Using the shaft calibrator is straight forward. Simply mount a proximity probe of the known sensitivity into the shaft calibrator probe bracket and perform a few measurements using a quality digital voltmeter (DVM).

The Nylon (non-metallic) base of the shaft calibrator will not affect the proximity probe systems.

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