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9060 Shaft Calibrator Touch Select

The 9060-SCTS (Shaft Calibrator Touch Select) is used for testing 5mm, 8mm or 11mm proximity probe systems with a minimum probe body length of 63mm (2.5”) when used as a static calibrator and a minimum probe body length of 100mm (4.0”) when used with the shaft mounting adapter. It is also very useful for testing reverse mount probes with the probe holder still attached. The system can test probe systems up to 22mm in diameter.

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The product

The 9060-SCTS can be used as a Static Calibrator with the Target Mounting Plate (4140 target standard, other target materials available) installed or as a Shaft Calibrator with the Shaft Mounting Adapter installed.

The 9060-SCTS is adjusted by twisting the Gap Adjustment Ring and feeling for the “Clicks” or “Measurement Stops”. Each increment is 200 µm (Metric units) or 10 mils (English units) depending upon the model selected.

The Metrix Shaft Calibrator is used to determine the actual proximity probe system output in mV/mil or mV/µm of a machine shaft or piston rod.

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