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Short loop sampler - (oil in water / water in oil) Analyzer

The SHORT LOOP SAMPLER™ Oil In Water Analyzer / Water In Oil Analyzer combining sampling point and the INFLOW™ Process Particle Analyzer, provides real time concentration and particle size analysis. The SHORT LOOP SAMPLER™ allows operators and skid manufacturers to test multiple point in their line using only one analyzer and verify the results by using the sample point to verify reading in the lab. Models measure 0.7 micron – 20,000 micron particles under process conditions.

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The product

By continuously measuring the product OIL, WATER, SAND, and GAS the OiW / WiO concentration and size is output 30 frames a second. This allows the user to see the impact of any change to the refining or drilling system. By using a vision based system CANTY can easily detect all phases and separate them to give PPM/PPB distribution as well as SIZE distribution of all particulates. The system is designed to continuously sample from the center of the process stream and input the entire sample back into the stream so there is no loss of product when analyzing for concentration or particle size.

Min Fluid Velocity: 3 ft/s (If lower consult factory)

Max Fluid Velocity: 15 ft/s


  • Pre-designed sample line & sample point
  • Easily Installed Modular Unit
  • PPM/PPB & Particle Size Distribution
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