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Degassed Cationic Conductivity Analyzer - Digox 602 dac

DAC measurement has become an important basic parameter in the water-steam cycle today. Especially in combined cycle power plants with peak load operation, DAC measurement is recommended as standard in feed water and superheated steam. Due to the DAC measurement, which shows the conductivity value without the influence of CO2, the plant start-up time is greatly reduced. For the plant operator, this is not only an ecological benefit, but also an economic one.

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The product

The DAC makes it easy to measure:

  1. Specific or direct conductivity;
  2. Acidic conductivity (cationic conductivity) after strongly acidic cation exchanger;
  3. Degassed cationic conductivity.

Furthermore, the pH value and concentration of alkaline media can be calculated through the difference in conductivity. In addition to the significant reduction, the influence of CO2 on the system can generally be monitored.

The following detections can be made:

  • Air and cooling water leaks;
  • Organic decomposition in the water-steam cycle;
  • Feed water quality;
  • Degassing efficiency throughout the system.

DAC Special Features:

  • Revolutionary method for CO2 extraction – no heating of the sample, instead removal via absorption with CO2-free air. History of success in the market of more than 10 years with many references;
  • Guarantee of removal of more than 90% of CO2;
  • Very short response time and maximum measurement accuracy;
  • Based on ASTM D 4519-16 and VGB-S-006.

We also offer the basic DAC as an option. Here, a pure “degassing unit” will be installed in the existing system at the cationic conductivity outlet. Due to the compact, ready-to-connect design as well as the low power consumption, this retrofitting is possible with low cost and effort.

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