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Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer - ZAF

Ideal for H2, Ar, and He measurement

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The product

  • Easy-to-see LCD
  • RS-232C communication (option)
  • Compact, panel mount design
  • Automatic calibration (option)
  • Interference compensation (option)
  • Concentration alarm (option)
    High/low limit, high-high limit, or low-low limit
  • Range switching (option)
    by key on the front panel or by an external contact input.


  • H2 monitoring in semiconductor manufacturing equipment, hydrogen generation equipment, calcining furnaces
  • Ar, He, CH4 measurement in gas generation plants
  • He measurement in superconducting devices
  • Ar measurement in air-separation plants


This thermal conductivity gas analyzer measures gas concentration by utilizing the difference of thermal conductivities between two gas components. In the detector, there are a reference chamber and a measuring chamber, in each of which a thin platinum wire is stretched. The reference chamber is filled with reference gas. The sample gas is flowed through the measuring chamber. Each platinum wire composes a bridge circuit in combination with an external fixed resistor, and is heated by flowing a constant current. When there is a change in the concentration of the component under measurement, the thermal conductivity of sample gas will change to affect the temperature of the platinum wire in the measuring chamber. The resulting thermal change is taken out as a change in electric resistance, according to which the concentration of measured gas is calculated.

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Standard specificationsPrincipleThermal conductivity
ComponentsHe, Ar, H2, CH4, CO2
RangeH2: 0–3 .. 100%, 100–90%, 100–80%
He: 0–5 .. 100%, 100–90%, 100–80%
Ar: 0–10 .. 100%, 100–90%, 100–80%
CH4: 0–20 .. 100%, 100–80%
Output signal4–20 mA DC, 0–1 V DC or 0–10 mV DC, non-isolated output
Load resistance≤ 550 Ω (at 4–20 mA DC output)
Output resistance100 kΩ (at 0–1 V DC or 0–10 mV DC)
DisplayLCD with backlight
Output holdFor both manual and automatic calibrations, the output value immediately before calibration can be performed
Power supply and consumption100–240 V AC, 50/60 Hz, approx. 50 VA
Ambient temperature and humidity-5 to 45°C, 90%RH or less (non-condensing)
MountingPanel mount
Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm240 × 192 × 213
WeightApprox. 5kg
EnclosureSteel enclosure, indoor use
Gas inlet/outletRc 1/4 or NPT 1/4 (whichever is specified)
Purge gas flow rateApprox. 1 L/min (as required)
DriftZero point: ≤ ±2% FS per week (H2 measurement)
Span point: ≤ ±2% FS per week (H2 measurement)
Speed ​​​​of response (90% response)Standard: ≤ 60 s (at 0.4 L/min flow rate)
High speed: ≤ 10 s (at 1 L/min flow rate)
only allowed for H2 measurement (gas reference N2)
Gas conditionsTemperature0–50°C
Gas flow rateConstant at 0.4 ±0.05 L/min
Dust≤ 100 μg/Nm3 at particle size of 0.3 μm or smaller
Pressure≤ 10 kPa
Mist, corrosive gasInadmissible
HumidityBelow saturation at 2°C
Optional Specifications
Relay Contact Output5 SPST relay contact outputs
Relay contact rating: 220V AC/2A (resistive load)
Isolated with relay between contacts and between contacts and internal circuit.
Max. 5 functions can be selected from those listed below.
(1) Zero side solenoid valve drive output for auto calibration
(2) Span side solenoid valve drive output for auto calibration
(3) Suction pump OFF output at auto calibration
(4) Upper limit concentration alarm output (1 point)
(5) Lower limit concentration alarm output (1 point)
(6) Upper/lower limit concentration alarm output (1 point)
(7) Upper limit (1 point) and lower limit (1 point) concentration alarm output (total 2 points)
(8) 2-step upper limit concentration alarm output (1 point in each step) (total 2 points)
(9) 2-step lower limit concentration alarm output (1 point in each step) (total 2 points)
(10) Analyzer error or auto calibration error alarm output
(11) Calibrating status output
(12) Range identification output (only for 2-range type)
Contact input3 voltage-free contact inputs
ON: 0 V, OFF: 5 V DC, ON current: 5 mA
Isolated with photocoupler between inputs and internal circuit.
Non-isolated between contact inputs.
The following actions are available:
(1) Remote hold of measured value output
(2) Remote range change (only with analyzer 2 ranges)
(3) Remote start of automatic calibration
Interference gas measured value input1–5 V DC analog input for H2 analyzer interference correction CO2 or CH4 value measured by an external gas analyzer
Adjustment at the Fuji Electric factory is required. We will check the details of the gas to be measured upon receiving an order.
Automatic calibrationZero and span calibrations are performed automatically at predetermined intervals. Externally installed solenoid valves are actuated to flow calibration gas sequentially.
CommunicationRS-232C (9-pin D-sub output)
Half duplex, asynchronous
MODBUS protocol, communication speed 9600 bps
Contents communication: Reading/writing of measured concentration values ​​​​and various set values ​​​​and output of device status



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