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Sodium Analyzer: Digox 602 Sodium

The determination of sodium at low concentrations in the water-steam cycle is of great importance in power plants. On the one hand, this is due to technological advances that have recognized sodium as a corrosive agent in processes in recent years. On the other hand, this measurement method allows rapid monitoring of a leak, for example in the condenser or at the outlet of a cation exchanger or mixed bed exchanger. Not least for this reason, the measurement of sodium has become increasingly important in the revision of the VGB guidelines (S-006 / S-010).

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The product

The Digox 602 sodium is an analyzer for the continuous measurement of dissolved sodium, even at ppb concentrations, and is ideally suited for operation in the water-steam cycle of power plants, for the control of total demineralization units, seawater desalination, as well as in the semiconductor and electronics industries.

To enable measurement without the influence of hydronium ions (H3O+), the sample is conditioned to a pH value of 11 +/- 0.02. The measurement is carried out potentiometrically by means of a special measuring sequence with a sodium-sensitive electrode in combination with an Ag/AgCl reference electrode:

Ag/AgCl(S) – buffer – Na+-sensitive glass membrane – alkalized measuring solution – diaphragm – KCl electrolyte gel – AgCl(S)/Ag.

Key parameter in VGB-S-010

  • Potentiometric measurement with a Na+ selective electrode
  • Automatic three-point calibration
  • Automatic regeneration of the sodium electrode
  • Integrated sequencer for up to 6 sample channels
  • Low consumption of materials for conditioning by means of a PID controller
  • Maintenance-free, high-precision micro-dosing pumps for chemical reagents and standard solution
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