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AST A450C FO/PL - Cement

Digital pyrometer in two highly accurate colors with optical fiber for measuring temperature without contact. It is especially designed for applications under difficult conditions.

It can be used in areas with high temperatures without refrigeration (up to 250 ° C) or in areas where there is strong electromagnetic interference, which may influence the accuracy of the temperature measurement, because the fiber and the sensor head do not contain electronic parts.
The temperature measurement is not affected by any parameter that affects the amount of energy that reaches the pyrometer. This causes the pyrometer has more accurately. The ratio technique can eliminate or reduce the emissivity error, surface finish and energy absorbing materials such as water vapor, dust between the pyrometer and the target. The main parameter, as the emissivity ratio and the response time can be set. These parameters, as well as additional parameters, such as sub range, maximum value store and the address can be set from the PC.

AST A450C FO / PL is supplied with USB 2.0 connector cable. The pyrometer can be recharged via the USB output. In this case, there is no need for external power supply (+ 24V DC required for analog output operation, laser, RS-232 output / RS-485).


AST A250 / A450 FO-PL with laser light direction, USB output, 2.5 meters of fiber optic cable, USB case, 5 meter connection cable.


- High accuracy of 0.5% of mean value ± 1 ° C;
- Wide temperature range (800 ° C to 3200 ° C);
- Analog and digital output;
- High optical resolution;
- Targeting laser light;
- USB output;
- Low field coverage;
- Analog output 0 ... 20mA or 4 ... 20mA;
- Digital Interference RS-232 or RS-485;
- Optical fiber and optical head withstand up to 250 ° C;
- Optical fiber mono resistant.

- Induction heating;
- Melt;
- Welding;
- Foundry;
- Forging;
- Annealing;
- Sintering;
- Rolling Mill;
- Rotary kilns;
- Pouring stream.


measured temperature
(Sub adjustable analog range)
800 ° C - 2500 ° C
1000 ° C 3200 ° C
Emissivity slope
0.1 ... 1.0 adjustable
0.75 ... 1:25 adjustable tilt
Spectral field 0.7...1.15 m
Photodetector TypeSi / Si
Response Time20 msec. Adjustable up to 10 sec
Accuracy+/- 0.5% of reading + 1 ° C
Repeatability0.1% of reading in ° C + 1 ° C
Analog flow4 ... 20mA or 0 ... 20mA or 0 ... 10V user selectable
Digital outputUSB 2.0
RS-232 and RS-485 (isolated) user selectable
Energy24V DC
Average Temperature OperationMax.250 ° C in the fiber optic cable
0 ... 70 ° C in the pyrometer
Optical fiber2.5 standard meters (5,10,15 meters available if requested)
SightPilot Laser light 
IsolationPower supply and digital and analog output are galvanically isolated against each other
Humidity Operating Unlimited
StorageStainless steel housing IP65
Comp = 49.5 mm; Width = 118 mm; Weight = 0.6 kg
Adjustable parameters via software / keyboardEmissivity, emissivity slope, analog output, response time, peak picker, average subscale temperature, switching between single color and two-color.


- Emissivity adjustment;
- Response time setting;
- Peak picker configuration;
- Average temperature adjustment;
- Graphics;
- Data Logging.


800°C-2500°C1000°C- 3200°C
Optically Head 1
Operating Distance (mm)Field Coverage (mm)          Spot Size (mm)

1201.2                                    1.2
2602.6                                    2.6
7007                                       7

800°C-2500°C    1000°C- 3200°C
Optically Head II
90        0,5                                     0,5                     
200              1                                         1
600              3                                         3
4500              24                                        24


Unidade de ar expurgo para Cabeça Ótica II (Referência Nº 8200-01)

Montagem ajustável para Cabeça Ótica II (Referência Nº 8200-03)

Unidade de ar expurgo para Cabeça Ótica I (Referência Nº 8200-02)

Montagem ajustável para a cabeça óptica (Referência nº 8300-04)

Exposição com parametrização (P-120) (Referência Nº 9001-01)

Fonte de alimentação entrada 110/230V AC (Referência Nº 9000-02) Saída 24 V DC, 0.75Amp

Indicador de temperatura com 4..20mA de saída de retransmissão (Referência Nº 9000-01)

Conversor RS-232 RS-485 (Referência nº 9000-03)


Revestimento de resfriamento de água e Unidade de ar expurgo para Cabeça Ótica II (Referência Nº 8000-01)

Unidade de ar expurgo para Cabeça Ótica II (Referência Nº 8200-01)

Montagem ajustável para Cabeça Ótica II (Referência Nº 8200-03)

Unidade de ar expurgo para Cabeça Ótica I (Referência Nº 8200-02)

Montagem ajustável para Cabeça ótica I (Referencia N 8200-04)

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