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BJLM-80H Series TGS

BJLM-80H series Servo Tank Gauges are designed for ambient pressure bulk liquid tank gauge. It can measure the liquid level, interface density, temperature, volume or mass, with the unique design and smart displacer technology, make it distinguished in density measurement. Easy for installation and replacement or revamp for existing TGS, especially for the case with only one hole for installation on site.

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The product

BJLM-8 Structure 


• It is applicable to various liquid products, such as light oil products, petrochemicals, liquid chemicals, edible oil or liquid foods;
• It is applicable to diverse type of tanks, such as cone roof tanks, floating roof tanks, etc.


• Featured with integration of LTD (level, temperature, density) in one unit, designed to measure level, temperature, density, tank bottom level, and oil-water interface as well as calculate in volume or mass;
• Extremely high density accuracy, available for custody transfer by mass;
• Less components with maximum functions, easy for installation, wiring and commissioning;
• Low maintenance cost and long life cycle saving expenses for the owner;
• Perfect applicability for challenging situations and demanding applications, easy to be installed on the existing tanks without modifying the tank body structure;
• Supporting a wide range of power supplies and a wide range of communication protocols;

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