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MX8031 Extension Cables

Metrix* New MX8031 Extension Cables are agency certified for hazardous areas (ATEX/CE, CSA, IECEx) and comes standard with VibeLock™ Connectors and Triaxial Cables. They can be used in refineries, petrochemical plants, natural gas transmission, natural gas processing, power generation plants or any oil & gas application.

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The product

Metrix* MX8031 extension cables are available with and without protective armor and are compatible with all Metrix MX8030 series 5mm & 8mm probe systems, and Bently Nevada** (BN) 3300 / 3300XL 5mm & 8mm probe systems.

All MX8031 extension cables are part of the 10000 series part number designation for agency approvals. The 10000 series P/N will appear on the product’s label along with the MX8031 p/n. e.g. MX8031-AAA-BB-CC = 10200-AAA-BB-CC.

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