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BJF-880 Batch Loading Controller

Batch loading controller is designed to control the loading process of the preset volume loading system running in the inflammable and explosive circumstances in the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical or food industry.

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The product


  • Modulized design for each functions such as loading control, Blending control;
  • Valve is controlled in a stepless ways, and the valve opening is ;
  • Built-in lightning protection module, filter circuit;
  • 1~4 way batch loading controllers are optional.

Technical Specification:

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Voltage 220V/AC On-off input
4 channel
Communication 1) RS485 2Channel
2) BPM 1Channel
Pump control
Signal Output
u220V/AC, 24V/DC
Display Mode LCD Display Valve Control
202 0V/AC, 24V/DC
IC Card Interface Standard RS323(Built-in) Loading Accuracy < 3‰ (Upon flow meter accuracy)
Screen Touch Screen Power-off Protection Time out protection > 6 months
IP Protection IP68 Temperature -40ºC ~ +80ºC
Flow Pulse Frequency 1~600HZ Ex Rating Ex d II c T6 Gb
Flow Accumulation Signal Low level 0-1.5VDC,
High level 3-24 VDC
Dimension 400x278x123
Flow Accumulation Accuracy ± 1 pulse Temperature
Signal Input
1) 1 channel for 4-20 mA
2) 1 channel for PT100
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