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Digital Control Valve - FLS

The FLS spiral dual rotor flowmeter is designed flow measurement demond for high-accuracy. It featured with simple structure, high accuracy, good repeatability, sensitive response, and convenient installation and maintenance. It is applied to liquid with high pressure and temperature changes, density and viscosity changes. The dual rotor made of special materials has good corrosion resistance.

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The product

The instrument integrated with local display for instantaneous flow and cumulative totalized volume. The built-in battery can last for more than 6 years without external power supply. It also

has functions such as pulse frequency signal output and power loss data protection. It is suitable for total volume measurement and also availible for remote control by PC.

Working Principle

The FLS series spiral dual rotor flowmeter is a positive displacement volumetric high-precision flowmeter. A pair of spiral rotors together with the casing of the chamber, forming a known volume spiral cavity. Under the action of the liquid to be measured, the micro pressure difference between the inlet and outlet of the flowmeter drives two spiral rotors with the same geometric size and opposite rotation direction to mesh and rotate, continuously delivering liquid from the inlet to the outlet. By continuously dividing the fluid into equal volume units, direct measurement of the flow volume is achieved.

MoelDiameterApplyFlow rangeLinearityrepeatability


Model Selection

Technical Specification

Nominal Pressure1.6/2.0/2.5 Mpa
Viscosity of liquid(0.2~400)cSt
Temp. of liquid-40°C~+70°C
IP protectionIP68
Ex Proof RatingEx db IIC T6 Gb
CommunicationModBus RS485
pulse output
Internal BatteryDC 3.6V
Electrical Entry2 * M20 * 1.5
Materialcarbon steel wac (casing) aluminiuma356 (rotors)


High precision, long service life;

Double chamber structure design, unaffected by environmental temperature and pressure changes;

High range ratio: The range ratio can reach 1:20, and can also achieve relatively high measurement accuracy under extended flow.

Flexibility of installation: can be installed horizontally and vertically to meet on-site needs.

There is no contact, wear, vibration, or reciprocating components for the rotors with each other during rotation.

Data protection: with an internal battery for power supply. It can be used continuously for more than 6 years even wihtout outside power supply.

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