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BJAC-I Additive Filler

This additive injecting module is mainly applied in the automatic injection of small amount of additives into a preset formula proportional blending process for oil products.

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The product


  • Its stainless steel flow meter is suitable for the accurate measurement of high viscosity liquid additives;
  • Multiple input & output interfaces ensure its good compatibility with prevailing controllers worldwide;
  • Online calibrations are available for the flow meter, and it can be set in a continuous blending mode or a proportional blending mode;
  • It can alarm in light, sound and alarming output signal;
  • Its built-in lightning surge protection module ensures high performance in safety;
  • ts skid-mounted structure is easy for installation.

Technical Specification:

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Energia 220V/AC Precisão <0.2%
Comm. 2 RS485 interfaces:

1 for batch loading controller;

1 for management system;

Output Signal A: Alarming signal output:mechanical replay passive contact: 0.4A 125VAC, 2A 30VDC

B: Pump control signaloutput; mechanical reply, passive contact: 0.4A 125VAC; 2A 30VDC

C: Additive flow rate output signal; pulse signal, optical coupling output, voltage<30VDC, current < 50mA

Input Signal A: signal to allow an injection, signal level range: 5~24V/DC;

B: Flow rate of main product? pulse signal?low level 0-0.8V/DC; high level 5-24V/DC

Cable Entry 4 x G 3/4, 1X G 1/2
Liquid Viscosity < 140 cst Indication LED indicates product flow meter signal status, and additive injection status
Display LCD Display for accumulated amount, delivery amount
and working status, etc.
Weight 9.5kg
Ex Rating Ex d ia mb II T4 Gb Dimension 430x350x105 (montagem skid)
Ambient Temp. -40ºC~ +80ºC
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ISO 9001

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