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The Alutal has a team specialized both in the commercial area as the Quality area just to meet the projects of companies linked to the Engineering and Complete Plant Installation ( Refineries, Shipyards, Offshore Platforms , Plants Chemicals , Food , Pulp and Paper , among others).

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The product

This team is responsible for assisting companies in the Engineering Department at:

Project Budget step

• Assist in the sensor specification

• Analyze and create Special Sensor Data Sheet,

• Check the applicability and acceptance for resonance calculations in Pocos protection, ASME PTC 19.3 TW-2010 / N-1882 Review D.

• Prepare and provide list of documents and necessary certifications such as:

Sensors certificates for Explosive Atmosphere EX / EXi / EXD.

Signet Certified Welder Qualified As the different standards and requirements (Norsok, NACE MR 0175 and NACE MR 0103).

Inspection Plan.

• Develop Technical Drawings

• Develop Technical Proposal

• Develop Commercial Proposal

All of which are no-cost services to customers

Step Buying / Trading

• Analyze the possibility of Business feasibility with partners

• Analyze Delivery Time and Needs Specifies

After Sales Stage

• Monitoring of the application in production with inspection schedule when necessary

• Preparation of documents and final tests required for project delivery

• Dimensional Inspection and Electric performed by properly trained professional Alutal

• Welding Visual Essay – EVS performed by properly trained professional Alutal

• Liquid penetrant test – carried out by properly trained professional Alutal

• Hydrostatic test conducted by Alutal professional properly trained

• Test PMI (Positive Material Identification)

• X-ray test

• Leak testing of sensors

• Sensor Calibration through our own laboratory accredited by CGCRE, according to ISO / IEC 17025, under CAL 0522 number.

• Delivery of Final sensors with inspection in loco by the customer when necessary

• Delivery of Certificates and Documents Folder standardized and Medium Digital

Because we have a complete specification structure, proposal development, production, testing and trials and calibrations we have extremely competitive costs for large or small projects, since no part of the project is outsourced.

With great tradition in Instrumentation Integrators companies, Construction and Engineering Complete the Alutal is the best solution as regards thermocouples for projects.

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