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H2S + Total Sulfur Analyzer (2 in 1)

The petrochemical, gas processing, and gas pipeline industry has required an accurate, dependable, low maintenance, and cost-effective sulfur H2S analyzer for quality and process control purposes.

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The product

With over twenty-five years of experience in developing and manufacturing sulfur H2S analyzers and associated parts and supplies, KECO has met these requirements with their proven microprocessor based H2S analyzer. The Model 1700-150 System measures total sulfur and H2S by hydrogenation similar to that as described in ASTM Method D3031, D4084-82, D4468-85 and 4045-81. The sulfur sample is precisely metered into a continuous flowing stream of hydrogen gas. The sample and hydrogen are heated in the furnace up to 1,315°C resulting in thermal cracking of the sulfur that are reduced to short chain hydrocarbons. These reactions result in the formation of H2S. After complete humidification of the sample, the H2S comes in direct contact with the lead acetate tape and produces a darkening of lead sulfide that is immediately measured by the photodiode/LED optics and rate-of-reaction digital electronics to provide an accurate and reproducible total sulfur and H2S analysis with PPB or PPM sensitivity up to 100%. The LCD display provides the current reading, any alarm condition, procedure prompts (i.e., calibration procedure), and failure indicators (local and remote capability). Quality materials are selected for their compatibility and utilized through fabrication. Special attention is given to wetted parts that come in contact with the process stream and are selected to be non-reactive with H2S/sulfur.

The rateometric-colorimetric tape detector offered by KECO is the only sulfur detection method that is practically free from cross-interference. The analyzer will not suffer from “false positives” like other sulfur analyzer methods. Users demand KECO’s sulfur analyzer due to its precision and reliability proven by thousands of worldwide installations around the globe.


  • ASTM Approved Methods
  • Automatic self-zero
  • Does not suffer from sensor “drift”
  • Dual Processors for 100% Analysis & Communication
  • Fault Diagnostics
  • Cost-Effective
  • Explosion Proof Configuration
  • Remote Operation and Access
  • 18-Bit A/D Converter with Faster Response, Lower Detectable Limits, and Less Tape Consumption
  • Automatic Calibration
  • Specific to Sulfur Only
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