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DM-50 Tube Density Meter

DM-50 density meter is designed for online measurement of real-time liquid density and temperature. It receives the pulse signals from the flowmeter and calculates the total volume and weight of the liquid. It can also convert the visual density value into the standard density.

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The product


  • Measuring the density of liquid in a tank;
  • Measuring the online density of product being loaded through a pipeline;
  • Measuring the density of water in submarines;
  • Chemical and petrochemical process controls;
  • Pharmaceutical industry process controls;
  • Water and wastewater treatment process controls;
  • Alcohol protection flow;
  • Measuring the density of jet fuel;

Technical specification:

Measuring Range0~2000kg/m³VoltageDC 15~48V
Repeatability±0.1kg/m³CommunicationRS485 ModBus
Liquid TemperatureConsulte a seleção do modeloTemperature Accuracy± 0.1ºC (-5ºC~ +45ºC)
± 0.3ºC (-40ºC~ +85ºC)
Flow Pulse Input SignalMão ÚnicaHumidity10%~90%RH
Work temperature-40ºC~ +70ºCTemperature CompensationCompensação Automática
Calibration Stability<± 0.1 kg/m³Material for Part Contact Liquid316L, 3J53, Permalloy
Ex ClassificationEx d ia [ia Ga] II C T5 GbPeriodic InspectionUma vez a cada dois anos


  • Applicable for fluid liquids and static liquids;
  • Proven high performance and reliability;
  • Perform continuous online measurements for the density and temperature of a liquid;
  • Density and temperature are displayed;
  • Easy installation, no regular cleaning and maintenance


Selection Model:

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