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Models T5x & T6x side-mounting float switches

Magnetrol® side-mounting float switches mount horizontally to any tank or vessel through a threaded or flanged pipe connection. Standard models are normally equipped with a single switch mechanism for high or low level alarm or control applications. Tandem models, with two switch mechanisms, are available for two-stage applications.

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The product

Float level switches technology

ll float operated liquid level controls operate on the basic buoyancy principle which states “the buoyancy force action on an object is equal to the mass of liquid displaced by the object.” As a result, floats ride on the liquid surface partially submerged and move the same distance the liquid level moves. Because of this, they are normally used for narrow level differential applications such as high level alarm or low level alarm


  • Body material of cast iron, carbon steel or stainless steel
  • 300 series stainless steel float and trim
  • Threaded or flanged mounting
  • Specific gravity ratings down to 0.50
  • Process temperatures to +1000° F (+540° C)


  • Various float sizes
  • Dry contact, hermetically sealed and pneumatic switches
  • Choice of switch enclosure
  • Field adjustable narrow to wide level differential
  • Exotic materials of construction available

Operating principle

Side mounted units employ permanent magnetic force as the only link between the float and the switching element. As the pivoted float follows liquid level changes, it moves a magnetic sleeve into or out of the field of a switch actuating magnet causing switch operation. A non-magnetic barrier tube effectively isolates the switch mechanism from the controlled liquid


ATEX Ex d, Ex ia
EAC (GOST) Ex d, Ex ia
IEC Ex d, Ex ia
Inmetro Ex d
Korea Ex d

Other approvals are available. Consult factory for more details.

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