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BJJY-II-A Overfill & Grounding Monitor

This system is used for overfill and grounding protection during a Top-Loading for truck or rail loading in petrochemical applications.

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The product

  • Automatically and continuously monitor overfill sensors and grounding status during the loading operation;
  • Light indication and alarms provide visual and audible monitor for the overfill status during loading operation, Red light blinking indicate static, Green light blinking indicate status for overfill, Blue light for loading arm position, LED display for displaying grounding resistance of grounding plug and grounding clamp to real time verity grounding status;
  • Loading will immediately shut down whenever overfill or grounding and other abnormal status is monitored;
  • Alarm remind the operator to put clamp back to the seat after loading is finished to make assurance for the safety;
  • Loading arm balancer installed on the loading arm to monitor its position to make sure it did put into tank loading port to avoid wrong loading.

Technical Specification:

Item Parameter
Display 3LED lights indicate for static, overfill, and loading arm balance status?2LED digital lights indicate grounding resistance value;
Alarm Output 2 on/off alarming outputs, optional for normal open and normal close?Relay passive contact?
Signal output capacity? 0.4A 125V/AC, 2A 30V/DC
Voice Alert >90 dB
Voltage 12V/DC, 24V/DC, 220V/AC
Power < 2W
Sense Resistor < 60 ohms
Alarm Response Time Alarm for grounding <1 s, Alarm for overfill < 0.4 seg
Ambient Temp. -40ºC ~ + 80 ºC
Electrical Entry 3/4 G X 2, 1/2 G X 2
Ex Rating Ex d ia [ia Ga] II C T6 Gb
Dimension 417 x 217 x 103 (skid)


  • Built to function with all probes designed to the API standard, compatible with all commonly used overfill protection and grounding systems;?
  • Built in 12V, 24V, 220V voltage selection;
  • Built-in lightning surge protection;
  • Independent alarming for the electrostatic detection and the overfill protection;
  • It can operate as an independent system or conjunction with your existing loading system;
  • Self diagnosis function for overfill sensor.

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