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Electronic Sealing Monitor BJTC-II

This sealing monitoring controller is used on the tank truck where electronic sealing and level probes have been installed. It hosts the communications between the electronic sealing devices, level probes and the remote monitoring center, and realizes the local control and management of the tank gauging and sealing components on the truck by the remote center.

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The product

The controller is equipped with GSM mobile phone communication module, GPS global positioning module, RF card swipe module, display module and RS485 module for communication with liquid level probe, Seal III electronic sealling. As the command center, CPU realizes liquid level acquisition, seal management, vehicle positioning and data exchange by the monitoring center through the above modules.

Technical Specification:

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Voltage 24 V/DC Current < 1.85A
Communication GPRS RS485 Temperature -40~+80ºC
Classification Ex d II C T6 Gb Proteção IP IP68
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