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Optical Pyrometer - CellaCast® PT 183 (650 – 1700 °C)

The CellaCast PT 183 was specially developed for mobile temperature measurement of liquid metals. It is used to check the temperature at the automatic casting machine during plugging or ladle casting directly when filling the moulds. This is complicated by the fact that the position of the pouring stream can change depending on the outlet or the tilt angle of the ladle. The special feature of the CellaCast PT 183 is the rectangular measuring field. As long as the pouring stream remains within the measuring field, a reliable measured value is determined. Furthermore, the CellaCast PT 183 can be used to determine the temperature when transferring the metal from the melting or holding furnace into the transport ladle or casting ladle.

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The product

Special features:

  • Non-contact and wear-free temperature measurement of the pouring stream from a safe distance
  • measuring range 650 – 1,700 °C
  • rectangular measuring field for reliable measurement even with fluctuating position of the pouring stream
  • filtering of the correct infrared radiation of the slag-free and oxide-free melt
  • ATD function for fully automatic measured value acquisition
  • two-colour measurement for interference-free measurement in dust and vapour
  • parallax-free through-the-lens sighting with dioptric compensation
  • traffic light display in the through-the-lens sighting to indicate the optimum measuring distance
CellaCast   PT 183 AF 1    
Measuring   range   
650 –   1700 °C    
Focus   distance   
0,4 m –   ∞    
Shape of   the measuring field   
Distance   ratio   
45:1 /   230:1    
PZ   20.01    
Measuring   principle   
Sighting   option   
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