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Optical Pyrometer - CellaPort® PT 115 (300 – 2500 °C)

Glass is transparent in the visible spectral range and in the near infrared range. Besides, the emissivity depends on the temperature, the wavelength, the type of glass and the thickness of the glass. In the range between 4.6 ,4.9 µm, glass has an emissivity of almost 100 %. Above 5 µm, atmospheric influences such as humidity or water vapour affect the measurement. The CellaPort PT 115 has a blocking filter with a spectral sensitivity of 4.6 ,4.9 µm. It thus detects the temperature from the area near the surface of the glass. Thickness changes, different types of glass or humidity changes in the atmosphere do not affect the measured value due to the wavelength.

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The product

Special features:

  • Measuring range 300 to 2,500 °C
  • focusable lenses for exact adjustment of the measuring distance
  • broadband anti-reflective precision lens
  • LED display
  • standard feature: USB interface
CellaPort   PT 115 AF 1    
Measuring   range   
500 –   2500 °C    
Focus   distance   
0,8 m –   ∞    
Shape of   the measuring field   
Distance   ratio   
70 :   1    
PZ   15.03    
Measuring   principle   
Sighting   option   
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