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Optical Pyrometer - CellaPort® PT 143 (650 – 2400 °C)

The CellaPort PT 143 panorama pyrometer® has a rectangular measuring field within which the measuring object can move freely. This enables the safe measurement of moving objects such as vibrating wires. The rectangular measuring field is also more advantageous when the position of the object (for example billets or metal rods) varies on the roller table. Even with very small objects such as filaments, the alignment of a mobile device with a rectangular measuring field is much easier than with a round measuring field.

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The product

Special features:

  • Measuring range 600 to 2,400 °C
  • focusable lens with rectangular measuring field
  • broadband anti-reflective precision lenses
  • short measuring wavelengths
  • LED display
  • standard feature: USB interface
CellaPort   PT 143 AF 1    
Measuring   range   
650 –   1700 °C    
Focus   distance   
0,4 m –   ∞    
Shape of   the measuring field   
Distance   ratio   
45:1 /   230:1    
PZ   20.01    
Measuring   principle   
Sighting   option   
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