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Optical Pyrometer - CellaTemp® PA 13 (500 – 1600 °C)

The CellaTemp® PA 13 series is a compact digital pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement in flame-heated furnaces. Due to the selective spectral range, water vapour and CO2 in the pyrometer's field of view have no influence on the measurement results, even from great measuring distances. A through-the-lens sighting or a laser pilot light is available for easy and precise sighting of the measuring object. The LED display on the back can be read from a great distance. In normal operation, the current measuring temperature is displayed.

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The product

Special features:

  • Measuring range 500 to 1,600 °C
  • focusable lenses for exact adjustment of the measuring distance
  • broadband anti-reflective precision lens
  • LED display can be read from a great distance
  • test current output for the diagnostic function
  • standard feature: digital input/output as well as two analogue outputs and USB/RS 485 interface
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CellaTemp PA 13 (500 - 1600 °C)


CellaTemp PA 13 AF 1 /D

Measuring range 500 -1600 °C
Focus distance 0,8 m – ∞
Shape of the measuring field round
Distance ratio 45 : 1
Objective PZ 15.03
Measuring principle one-colour
Sighting option Through-the-lens-sighting


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ISO 9001

Certificada desde 2006


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