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Optical Pyrometer - CellaTemp® PX 35 (600 - 3000 °C)

The CellaTemp® PX 35 has a very short-wave and narrow-band spectral sensitivity. Therefore, the pyrometer reacts to interfering influences such as signal weakening by dust, vapour or smoke in the pyrometer's field of view, to soiling of the protective window or to emissivity fluctuations of the measuring object much less than a conventional spectral pyrometer. Metals have the physical property that the emissivity increases with shorter radiation wavelengths and higher object temperatures. Therefore, the CellaTemp® PX 35 is ideal for precise measurement of metals and very hot objects. In addition, the pyrometer is used to measure thin semiconductors, as semiconductors have very good radiation properties in the pyrometer's special spectral range. For wavelengths > 1 µm, silicon is transparent, so a standard pyrometer would measure the temperature of the material behind it through the silicon.

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The product

CellaTemp   PX 35 AF 1 /D   
Measuring   range   
600 –   3000 °C    
Focus   distance   
0,4 m –   ∞    
Shape of   the measuring field   
Distance   ratio   
210 :   1    
PZ   20.01    
Measuring   principle   
Sighting   option   
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