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PermaStream Stripper for Gas Chromatographs

A sample conditioning system providing a constant clean and dry sample to analyzers/GCs/detectors for continuous analysis.

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The product

The PermaStream Stripper, utilizing the KECO Membrane Technology, continuously strips hydrocarbons and other components of interest from a liquid sample streams for analysis by detector or Gas Chromatograph of choice (user provided).

The liquid sample containing hydrocarbons flows into the heated KECO Membrane Technology.

Based in part on Henry’s Law, the hydrocarbons in the liquid sample continuously permeate through membrane and separates from the liquid to a gas phase and maintains representation of the original liquid sample.

A precision flow meter provides clean and dry carrier air/gas which sweeps the gaseous hydrocarbons on the other side of the membrane and out the vent where a detector of choice is utilized, such as a gas chromatograph for speciation of hydrocarbon components. The PermaStream Stripper provides an ultra-pure, clean and dry sample to the detector or GC for analysis. The system radically reduces maintenance requirements of the user provided detector/GC while enhancing analytical reliability.

The PermaStream Stripper is tubed, wired, mounted in 316SS NEMA 4X (IP 65) cabinet, and ready to connect the detector/GC provided by the user.


  • Provides ultra-pure and ideal gas phase sample to gas chromatographs/analyzers for radically reduced maintenance.
  • Separates volatile hydrocarbons from liquid samples such as water, crude oil, diesel, or steam/condensate for analysis in the gas phase by a detector/GC.
  • No moving parts reduces down-time.
  • Ability to concentrate or dilute sample.
  • Maintains a representative sample.
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