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Electropneumatic Positioner EPR-1000

TRIAC® EPR 1000 pneumatic positioners (4-20mA, linear pneumatic positioner and rotary type pneumatic positioner) are advanced control devices that provide unmatched stability in harsh environments. They are made with a vibration-resistant design and a corrosion-resistant cast aluminum body. A solid workhorse you can rely on for consistent, reliable control.

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The product

  • Easy maintenance
  • Sensitive response for high performance
  • Simple structure for feedback connection
  • Accurate calibration with simple SPAN and ZERO adjustments
  • Simple conversion to direct or reverse action
  • Split range control available by simple adjustments without changing parts
  • Standard stainless steel gauges
  • A restricted pilot valve port kit for small actuators is included
  • Optional integrated limit switches or 4-20 mA position transmitter for feedback
  • Optional direct mount positioner
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