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SA6210 Low-Profile Accelerometer

Model: SA6210 The Metrix SA6210 Low-Profile Accelerometer uses a side-exit cable connection that allows it to be used in physically constrained locations where a top-exit cable design will not fit. The SA6210 offers performance characteristics similar to our SA6200A, but with a slightly wider frequency response and a higher mounted resonant frequency.

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The product

The table below summarizes the primary characteristics for each of our standard-temperature accelerometer offerings:

SA6200A SA6200 SA6120 SA6250
Freq Response

(+/- 3dB)

0,5 Hz – 10 kHz 0,5 Hz – 12 kHz 0,2 Hz – 11,5 kHz 0,8 Hz – 15 kHz
Mounted Resonance
13 kHz 18 kHz 25 kHz 40 kHz
Sensing Element
Quartzo Quartzo cerâmico cerâmico
Cable Connector
Topo Topo Lado Topo

A built-in amplifier provides a 100mV/g low-impedance, constant-current output that is compatible with vibration monitoring systems, electronic switches, and 4-20mA signal conditioners.

The sensor consists of a temperature-stabilized piezo-electric core and an amplifier, packaged together in a 316L stainless steel case that is electrically isolated from the sensing circuit. It is mounted using a through-bolt rather than a base-mounted stud, and is available in both ¼-28 and M6 thread sizes. The through-bolt design allows the cable connector to be rotated to any orientation.

Product Aprox. Weight: 145 g (5.1 oz).

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