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SA6350 High Temp. Accelerometer

Model: SA6350 The Metrix SA6350 High-Temperature Accelerometer is suitable for use in temperatures up to 325C. It is designed for gas turbines and other machinery with high surface temperatures where an acceleration* signal is desired.

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The product

The sensor’s design separates the charge amplifier/line driver from the piezo-electric sensing element, using an armored, integral cable. This allows the sensing element to be mounted directly on the machine, but the charge amplifier to be mounted either 3m or 5m away, in a lower-temperature environment. The charge amplifier is rated up to 120C; its mounting location will often expose it to moderately elevated temperatures, but these will normally be well below the surface temperatures encountered at the sensing element location, such as a gas turbine casing. The charge amplifier can then be connected to standard field wiring via its 2-pin MIL-style connector or optional integral shielded cable.

The sensor provides a 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency response, has a mounted resonance of 25 kHz, and provides an industry-standard 100 mV/g low-impedance output compatible with vibration monitoring systems, electronic switches, and 4-20mA signal conditioners.

The sensing element is available with either a 3-hole or 4-hole flat base mounting pattern, designed to match those of several other industry-standard high-temperature sensors.

* For applications where a velocity signal is desired, consider our 5485C High-Temperature Velocity Sensor.

Product Aprox. Weight (with 10 mt. cable): 726 g (25.6oz)


  • Mating Connectors:
    – 9193-1-0010
    – 9193-1-0020
    – 9193-1-0030
    – 9193-2-0010
    – 9193-2-0020
    – 9193-2-0030
    – 9193-1-1000
    – 9193-2-1000
  • Line driver, charge amplifier clamps
    – 93825-002
    – 93825-003
    – 93825-004
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