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Temperature sensors RESFRI Series (Mineral insulated thermocouple type K) are used for monitoring the water cooling system of the blast furnace temperature. They are robust sensors and have high reproducibility of the measurements. Our sensors are tested in our thermometry lab, accredited by CGCRE under the CAL-0522 number, in compliance with standard ISO / IEC 17025, ensuring the accuracy thereof.

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Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Comprimento

“U” (mm)

Cabo (mm)
RESFRI Especificar Especificar RBC – Certificado RBC

em 3 pontos

Prefix “U” Length (mm) Cable Length (mm) Options
RESFRI To specify To specify RBC – RBC Certificate
3 points


Autossustentável energeticamente


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ISO 9001

Certificada desde 2006


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