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SEC Series

Drying is a very delicate and complex step in the manufacture of ceramics process. It is common at this stage occur drying of defective parts and are noticeable only after firing, therefore, correct measurement of the temperature in the drying process is very important. The sensors of the series SEC, manufactured by Alutal, are robust, precise, high reproducibility of measurements, low installation costs, operation and maintenance.

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The product

They are tested in our thermometry laboratory, accredited by CGCRE under the CAL-0522 number, in compliance with standard ISO / IEC 17025, ensuring the accuracy thereof.

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diagramas técnicos
TIM13 - Termopar isolação mineral reto com cabeçote grande

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Diâmetro

Haste (mm)

“U” (mm)
Conexão Opções
SEC K – Termopar tipo K

J – Termopar tipo J

Especificar 000 (Sem Rosca)

10B – 1/8” BSP

10N – 1/8” NPT

14B – 1/4” BSP

14N – 1/4” NPT

21B – 1/2” BSP

21N – 1/2” NPT

27B – 3/4” BSP

27N – 3/4” NPT
RBC – Certificado de

calibração em

3 pontos

Prefix Calibration Rod Diameter (mm) “U” Length (mm) Connection Options
SEC K – K-type thermocouple

J – Thermocouple J



To specify 000 (Threadless)
10B – 1/8 “BSP
10N – 1/8 “NPT
14B – 1/4 “BSP
14N – 1/4 “NPT
21B – 1/2 “BSP
21N – 1/2 “NPT
27 B – 3/4 “BSP
27N – 3/4 “NPT
RBC – Certificate
3 points


Autossustentável energeticamente


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ISO 9001

Certificada desde 2006


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