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LEVEL-TC R / S / B Series

In the process of glass temperature measurement for the level of the furnace process control and security are used sensors immersed in the liquid glass. The LEVEL-TC Series R / S / B Alutal was designed exactly for this application, having three temperature sensors in different points of reading (top, middle and botton) embedded within a single package. These read points located along the length of the sensor rod can be minutely sized according to the specification of each process.

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The product

Through unique techniques, the team Alutal can deliver highly customized sensors with possibilities of platinum protective tubes fixed, furniture and safety latches.

Special cements for bonding assemblies, instrumentation cables for sensor reading and special connectors are some of our advantages for these types of sensors.

To ensure accurate our sensors are tested in our thermometry laboratory, accredited by CGCRE under the CAL-0522 number in compliance with standard ISO / IEC 17025.

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diagramas técnicos
Série LEVEL-TC R / S / B

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Bitola da Liga Comprimento

Sensor (mm)
Tubete da Platina Cabo Comprimento

Cabo (mm)
Level – TC R – Platina 13%

Rhodio / Platina

S – Platina 10% 
Rhodio / Platina

B – Platina 30%

Rhodio / Platina
24 – 24 AWG

27 – 27 AWG
Especificar: A, B, C e U CT – Com tubete de

platina estabilizada

(especificar diâmetro

externo, interno e

comprimento, em mm)
NX – Sem Cabo

FF – Fibra x Fibra,

Bitola 2 x 24 AWG

SF – Em Silicone x

Fibra de Vidro,

Bitola 2 x 18 AWG
Especificar RBC – Certificado de

Calibração em 3 pontos

CCG – Conector cerâmico

polarizado macho grande

Prefix Calibration Alloy Gauge Sensor Length (mm) Platinum Tube Cable Cable Length (mm) Options
Level – TC R – Platinum 13%
Rodio / Platinum

S – Platinum 10%
Rodio / Platinum

B – Platinum 30%
Rhodio / Platinum

24 – 24 AWG

27 – 27

To specify: A, B, C e U CT – With cartridge of
stabilized platinum
(Specify diameter
external, internal and
length in mm)
NX – No Cable

FF – Fiber x Fiber
Gauge 2 x 24 AWG

SF – In Silicon x
Gauge 2 x 18 AWG

To specify RBC – Certificate
Calibration at 3 points

CCG – Ceramic Connector
Polarized large male


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