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FMX Series (3 High Performance Parts)

The A-T Controls M Series Metal Seat Ball Valve is designed for use in severe services such as high temperature, high pressure and abrasive fluids found in the oil and gas, petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, power generation, paper and cellulose and mining.

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The product

FMX Series: 3-Piece High Performance Metal Seated Ball Valve


  • Oversized rod design prevents warping at higher pressures and temperatures
  • Larger ball design provides better seal to prevent leaks
  • ANSI Class 600 Wall Thickness Design
  • Bidirectional design for reflow application
  • Inconel® spring design to maintain good contact between ball and seats during operation
  • Dynamically loaded gasket design and dual anti-static devices eliminate rod leakage while providing longer cycle life
  • Explosion-proof rod
  • ISO 5211 mounting base
  • Fireproof design complies with API 607 ​​4th edition
  • Optional tungsten carbide (TC) coating for heavy mud and high temperatures.
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