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LS series of Flow Meter

LS series flow meter is used to calculatie of the flow rate of the liquid by detecting the rotation of the turbine which is driven by the movement of the fluid. The rotating speed of the turbine is approximately proportional to the inlet flow rate.

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The product

Working Principle:
For a fluid with a certain viscosity, the angular velocity (or pulse frequency) of the turbine is directly proportional to the instantaneous flow (or flow rate) of the fluid within the specified flow rate range. The edge of the turbine blade is equipped with a magnetic conductor, which is in the magnetic field of the signal detector. Rotating blades cut magnetic lines of force, periodically changing the flux of the coil so that electrical pulses are induced at both ends.The signal is amplified and reshaped to form a continuous rectangular pulse wave with a certain amplitude, which can be transmitted to the display instrument to calculate the instantaneous flow rate and the cummulative flow rate of the fluid, as shown in figure 2


Model Selection:

Technical Specification:

Item Parameter Item Parameter
Accuracy Class 0.15, 0.2, 0.5 Communication ModBus RS485
Viscosity of Liquid (0.2~800)cSt Flow meter pulse output Yes
Temp. of Liquid -40ºC~ +150ºC Voltage 24VDC
Ambient Temp. -40ºC~ +70ºC Internal Battery ER26500,3.6V
IP Protection IP65 Power < 1W
Ex Proof Rating Ex d IIC T5 Gb Electrical Entry 2 * M20 * 1.5
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