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PC3 Series

PC3 Series gas detectors can reliably detect flammable, toxic, and oxygen compounds in light industrial environments. PC3 detectors are classified as Zone 2 Category 3 devices.

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The product

• Sensor: Uses high quality catalytic, electrochemical sensor specially designed to detect combustible, toxic and oxygen gases.
• Connection: Provides universal 4-20mA and Modbus RS485 outputs
• Entry: 1 x 1/2 NPT cable entries
• Body: Aluminium die-cast body and sensor head superb performance under harsh environmental conditions with IP65 protection class.
• Remote Control: Detector status can be monitored Prosense Gas Monitoring software remotely.
• Modbus: It allows to be integrated to SCADA systems easily via open source Modbus RS485(RTU) codes
• Relay Contacts: 2 Alarm, 1 Fault relays can be set predefined levels and can managed the other devices in case of any event.


Sensor Technology Catalytic, Electrochemical
Output Signal 4-20mA and Modbus RS485
Sensor Warm-Up 60sec
Response Time(T90) Sensor Dependent
Accuracy %1
Operating Temperature ?20°C ~ +50°C
Humidity 5 ~ 95%RH Non-Condensing
Input Min 10VDC – Max 32VDC – Nominal 24VDC
Power Consumption Max.2W
Relay Outputs 2 Alarms (Selectable), and 1 Fault
Cable Entry 1x 1/2″NPT
IP Rating IP65
Junction Box Epoxy Painted Die?cast Aluminium
Sensor Head Nickel-plated Brass
Dimensions/Weight 230x120x100mm, 1 KG
Hazardous Class Zone 2 – Category 3
Standards EN 60079-0
EN 60079-1
EN 60079-18


• LPG – (LPG)
• Methane-CH4 – (Methane-CH4)
• Butane-C4H10 – (Butane-C4H10)
• Propane-C3H8 – (Propane-C3H8)
• Hydrogen-H2 – (Hydrogen-H2)
• Pentane-C5H12 – (Pentane-C5H12)
• Carbon monoxide-CO – (Carbon monoxide-CO)
• Ammonia-NH3 – (Ammonia-NH3)
• Ethylene Oxide-C2H4O – (Ethylene Oxide-C2H4O)
• Hydrogen Sulfide-H2S – (Hydrogen Sulfide-H2S)
• Oxygen-O2 – (Oxygen-O2)
• Nitric Oxide-NO – (Nitric Oxide-NO)
• Nitrogen Dioxide-NO2 – (Nitrogen Dioxide-NO2)
• Chlorine-Cl2 – (Chlorine-Cl2)

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