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THD Series: Heavy Duty Scotch Yoke Actuator

Heavy-duty pneumatic actuators for quarter-turn valves and dampers

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The product

  • Torques to 1,600,000 in. lbs.
  • Available in double action and spring return
  • ±8º offset adjustments for clockwise and counterclockwise strokes
  • Nitrile rubber piston seal rings provide excellent sealing and wear. Optional low and high temperature seals and lubricants are available
  • RTFE guide band supports the piston, providing smooth operation and extended life
  • Extra large and strong piston rod for long life and torque transmission
  • NAMUR accessory mounting pads for standardized mounting of limit switches, positioners, etc.
  • Ductile iron central body
  • Modular design allows installation of power packs and spring cartridges so that actuators can be configured for different air pressures and for clockwise and
  • Counterclockwise failure
  • Chrome-plated heavy-duty rugged steel pressure cylinders for long wear and corrosion resistance
  • Secure, welded spring cartridges with numerous options for a wide range of air pressure conditions
  • Alloy steel, corrosion-resistant, heat-treated springs designed and manufactured for long service life
  • Steel sliding block, bronze sliding bearings to minimize friction and provide long life (not available on S09 pressure group)
  • Visual position indicator

The TRIAC® heavy-duty scotch yoke actuator product line offers a wide torque range up to 1,600,000 in-lbs. The THD series is designed to operate ball, butterfly, plug, damper valves or any device that requires a quarter-turn movement for on-off or throttling service. Our standard offering is the symmetrical design fork that provides maximum torque at both ends of the 90º cycle. Square sliding bearing with guide bar offers high life and smooth running, minimizing wear points. A tilted yoke design is also available, ideal for butterfly valves in sizes C11 and larger.

As with all TRIAC® actuators, our THD series is accompanied by a full line of accessories, including hydraulic jacks and hydraulic drives, limit switches, solenoids and positioners. A-T Controls also offers complete mounting hardware to integrate our actuators with any quarter-turn valve, damper or shutter.

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