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SV Series: Complete V-Port Control Valves

Triac® V-Port control valves are ideal for achieving more precise control with the simplicity and sealing capabilities of a ball valve. V-port valves are available with 30°, 60° and 90° V-notch options (custom cut also available). V-port valves offer better, more consistent control than traditional round-port ball valves.

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The product

We offer this valve with the control port cast and machined into the ball, not the seat, which allows for much better flow characteristics and eliminates the need to replace seats. The 30° option allows finer conical control throughout the valve rotation, and the 60° and 90° options offer a greater CV in addition to controlled flow.

The PTFE seat is standard on the V7 valves, while the 50/50 STFE seat is standard on the V8, V9 and FVD9 valves. 50% SST and 50% PTFE powder offers superior strength and sealing properties.

Although they are available as manual ball valves, we specialize in automating them to meet your specific control needs.


  • Sizes 1/2”-4”, 3 pieces (V7, V8)
  • Sizes 1/2”-6”, 150# Flanged (V9)
  • Sizes 1/2”-6”, 300# Fireproof Flanged (FVD9)
  • 316SST or WCB
  • Low emissions certified by TA-Luft (V7, V8, V9)
  • “V” notch pattern of 30°, 60° and 90° (others upon request)
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