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The VN series combines all the properties of a gate valve in a low-cost semi-lug flange design to meet the most common market requirements. With this series, we guarantee the greatest possible functional and operational safety, in an optimized and easy-to-maintain design. We guarantee 100% bi-directional bubble-tight closure across the entire pressure range. For many applications, this results in a balanced cost-benefit ratio in terms of investment and maintenance.

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The product


Nominal sizes2 – 56 inches
MaterialStainless steel, Cast iron, Special materials
Pressure classification0 – 150 psi
Flange DrillingPN10, BS10-D, BS10-E, AS2129-D, AS2129-E
Face-to-face dimensionEN 558 série 20


The robust metal yoke allows ideal and simple mounting of mechanical or inductive limit switches. The fork can be removed from one side. This facilitates access to mechanical parts.

A mechanically retained round bead seal creates a bubble-tight closure at the edge of the gate.

A unique transverse seal, consisting of a transverse sealing profile and sealing compound, makes the body bubble-proof towards the atmosphere.

With its optimized port geometry, accumulated media is pushed out of the port guide and released into the hole by increased flow.

The cross seal can be repacked at any time and under full pressure using the side seal screws.

The Weyotine add-on cutting pack can be used to cut long fiber media, preventing jams and blockages.


Biogas plants for example. Food waste, household waste, wood chips, manure, substrates, other renewable resources…

Mining for example. Coal dust, mining mud, sintered water, tailings, acids and phosphates…

Chemical and Petrochemical Industries for example. Viscous pastes, Granulates, Chemically contaminated wastewater, Bitumen/tar…

Infrastructure for example. Wastewater, Rainwater, Industrial water, Mixed water…

Food and drink for example. Syrups, juices and drinks, Cereals, vegetables, purees, etc., Processed fruits, Cheese powder, Cocoa…

Pulp and paper industry for example. Cellulose pulp (low to high density), liquor (black, white, green), chemical solutions, bleaching agents, recycling fabric…

Wastewater treatment plants for example. Wastewater, Raw water, Sludge, Digested sludge, Floating sludge…

Water treatment for example. Sea water, salt water…


PartCast ironStainless steel
TopworkCarbon steelCarbon steel


BodyEKB powder coating
TopworkEKB powder coating


  • Steering wheel
  • Hand lever
  • bevel gear
  • Pneumatic cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Electric actuator
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