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Quality guarantee in the water-steam cycle of steam generation plants is of great importance for high availability and better protection against corrosion. To do so, it is necessary to analytically monitor the cycle at different points. The pressure and temperature are reduced to ambient conditions and the necessary physicochemical measurements are carried out.

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Chemical monitoring of the water-vapor cycle ensures:

  • High plant availability;
  • Efficient operation of the entire plant;
  • Prevention/reduction of corrosion and deposits;
  • Reduction of operating costs and repair costs;
  • compliance with environmental regulations and resource conservation.

Important demands in the SWAS project:

  • Extraction of representative samples and sample transport from the extraction point to the sampling unit;
  • Sample preparation by reducing pressure and temperature, as well as ensuring constant sample flows;
  • Monitoring of physical-chemical measurement parameters with appropriate instruments/analyzers;
  • Sending a signal to the central control system for validation and control.
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