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ST5484E-SW Compact Configurable Vibration Switch

The ST5484E-SW is a loop powered seismic velocity transmitter and configurable switch. The compact vibration switch incorporates a piezoelectric accelerometer, signal integrator, RMS or peak detector, 4-20 mA signal conditioner and a digital microcontroller into a single package. It is mounted directly on a machine case or bearing housing without disturbing the signal conditioning equipment.

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The product

ST5484E-SW Compact Configurable Vibration Switches are an attractive solution when all the following criteria apply:

  • Confined areas such as a cooling tower where people are kept out for safety and disease prevention reasons.
  • Water ingression reduced to zero.
  • The device can work in any orientation.
  • Insufficient room to mount a larger mechanical or electrical switch.
  • Capability of switching two independent alarms.
  • Field configurable switch setpoints and time delays.
  • Velocity 4-20mA signal and dynamic raw acceleration output signal are ready for external monitoring and control system.
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