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BJZT MultiPoint Thermometer

It is used to measure multi-point of temperature for the liquid which have interface and it can output up to 16 points of temperature and average temperature of liquid can be calculated.

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The product

Parm Spec Parm Spec
Voltage DC 24V para HART,
DC 6 ~ 36 para RS485
Point of Temp. 6~16
Current 6mA para HART
<30mA para HART
Accuracy ± 0.1ºC

Data Output RS485 MODBUS, HART Working Temp. -40CºC~+60ºC

Sensor Type PT100+T Termopar / PT100 IP Protection IP65
Length < 30m Cable Inlet 2*G1/2

Ex Rating Ex ia II B T6 Ga
Ex ia II B T4 Ga
Flange DN80 PN10, DN50 PN10,
or customized
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ISO 9001

Certificada desde 2006


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