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Autoclave - CLAVE Series

The autoclave for temperature sensors have in your measuring joint, a cast Teflon cover on the cable itself. This arrangement was designed to reduce the "leakage path through the wire", often found in autoclave applications where traditional assemblies are used. In addition it can be completely submerged. They are manufactured to withstand high pressure and temperature environment of the sterilization process in autoclaves under validation as well. This sensor measures temperatures and up to 200 ° C.

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Autoclave - Série CLAVE

Tabela Especificação em Português / Specifications Table in English

Prefixo Calibração Comprimento

do cabo (mm)
Clave T – (Cobre / Constantan)

P – PT100 a 3 fios
Especificar RBC – Certificado RBC

em 3 pontos

Prefix Calibration Cable length (mm) Options
Clef T – (Copper / Constantan)
P – PT100 3-wire
To specify  RBC – RBC Certificate
3 points


Autossustentável energeticamente


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ISO 9001

Certificada desde 2006


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